Live Dealer Casinos

If you have been getting a little tired or even bored of playing any of the software driven online casino games that are famed for their computer graphics and the way in which every single outcome of each game is electronically determined by a random number generator then we have some good news for you!

You are now going to be able to play real life casino games such as blackjack and roulette from the comfort of your own home and on your computer but thanks to the wonders of the interest those games are actually taking place in a land based casino venue where you can monitor and keep track of everything that is happening in that casino via a live video broadcast which is fed over the internet and displayed on your computer screen!

These brand new games have actually be around for many years, but it is only now that live Dealer Casinos and live dealer casino games are becoming as popular as they are. For thanks to very high definition graphics and very powerful and strong internet connections you will never have to suffer poor quality games when playing any of them.

The range of live dealer casino games is quite large and as such you will find you can play roulette online, blackjack and baccarat and a number to unique casino poke games all on a live dealer format, but do be aware that these types of games can only be accessed and play for real money as free to play versions of the games are not available online.

There are going o be just as many bonuses being given away at a live dealer casino as you get offered by the standard online casinos and you will of course be earning real money comp points when you play them. In fact it is usually the case that you will find most online casinos have a range of both live dealer and software driven, random number generator controlled games on offer at their sites so you will not have to spend ages looking around for a site that has them available! We can only recommend checking good and reliable resources and sites that are fully dedicated to live casino games like which I like most personally. Or this one will work as well.

Live Dealer Games with mobile devices

Well, that is a completely new trend with growing popularity. There’s no doubt that the combination of mobility and the pleasure of live dealer games can be extremely entertaining and that’s why a lot of players are seeking for these opportunities. But they are still rare. There should be way more options in the near future though.

What Live Dealer Games can I Play?

When you play any online casino game you should always be seeking out and then playing the games offering the very highest payout percentages and those games which through their design offer the very lowest house edge. With that in mind below we have an overview of all of the currently available live dealer casino game types and alongside them we have an overview of what to look out for when selecting one of these games to play online.

Live Roulette Games – The aim of playing any roulette game is to select the number which is about to be spun in, as there are so many numbers to choose from you will need to find the best paying variant to play. With this in mind if you have a choice of either the American or European Roulette game son offer at the site you are playing at select the European version due to it having a 2.705 house edge and not the 5.26% house edge the American version has on offer! In case you’re from the US or a big fan of American roulette please click here to find more details.

888blackjackLive Blackjack Games – If you are more of a Blackjack player then always spend a little time researching the variant of Blackjack being offered at any live dealer casino site, for the rules and payouts of that game when also linked in with the way the dealer plays out his hand and the number of decks in the show will allow you to work out the house edge of that game and to have the maximum winning chance you need to play the version with the lowest house edge.

Live Baccarat Games – All online live Baccarat games will come with lots of different stake options and that does of course mean you can find a site to play at that will have a stake option that is suitable to your budget and playing style. Be aware that when you claim a bonus form any live dealer casino no matter what game you are playing you should always familiarize yourself with the rules of that bonus to ensure you know all that is required in regards to play off those bonus credits!

Live Dealer Casino Poker Games – You are always going to find some live dealer casino sites will offer you a range of live casino poker games, those games much like all of the others mentioned above are available to play for different stake options and offer a range of different payouts based on just what hands you have been dealt out.